What's For Dinner?

What's for Dinner?

A Virtual Cookbook

What It's All About

Welcome to What's For Dinner, A Virtual Cookbook. On this website, you have a wide variety of recipes available to you just a couple clicks away. It all started when we finally said "enough" to the constant problem of being at the store and thinking of a recipe you want to make, but you are unable to shop for it, because you do not have the ingredients you need memorized. A very specific problem indeed, but yet still a problem. This is the solution to that problem. Enjoy!


Here you can find an amazing variety of the best category of food: breakfast. Whether it's for the morning or a midnight craving, this category is sure to be perfect!


If you're looking for a great starting dish for a dinner, this is the place for you! You can also find great recipes for food to put out at parties in this category.

Main Courses

Are you looking for a dinner to make? Or possibly even a large lunch? If so, come to the Main Course page, your new home. Here you can live out your dinner (or lunch) dreams forever.


Ahh...soup. Everyone's favorite hot eating liquid. Here you can swim for days in the variety of different soups. So grab your swimsuit and dive in.


Is your dinner missing something? Do you need the perfect dish to complement your entree? If you answered yes to one of these questions, this is the perfect place for you. Everyone knows that sides are the best part of the meal, so there are many fabulous recipes to choose from here!


You've made it through your dinner, but know you need the perfect sweet to end the meal. Here, you can find all that and more! We have everything from cupcakes to Rice Krispy treats to cookies!